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Our enhanced flagship online program is not only the most cost-effective system in the industry, but the most successful. 

Savage is a 100% natural organic based program.  

We have a variety of virtual programs for you to choose from, based on your goals and your budget.  

Choose From:

Monthly Accountability with 4 personal check-ins per month. Monthly Membership with weekly email check-ins with Cathy Savage and her coaches. 

Mind and Body Membership. An amazing program that updates every 4 weeks- “A do it yourself option”(no personal check-in). 

One one One Personal Coaching and Consultation. One-on-One accountability with Cathy each month for deeper accountability and customization.  


Savage Online Programs Available

Invest in you!  

What does the membership include? 

For our online “check in” membership programs, you will receive all of these exciting features!

Nutrition and training signature protocol designed to prepare you for your transformation or current goal. 

•A private email address where you have unlimited access to Cathy and her team. 

•A private website for Savage members only, which contains video glossary, workouts, articles, education, check-ins, and customization.

Online Access to Cathy where you can ask her anything!  

Facebook LIVE CHATS weekly which include special segments for training and nutrition education, a weekly MindSet Masterclass, and monthly Branding classes- all designed where your voice is heard! Our special online community gives you the opportunity to connect personally with Cathy and our elite coaches.  

Monthly Membership with 4 personal check-ins per month:

One check-in per month via email.

When you conduct your weekly check-in for accountability, we will further customize your program based on your weekly results and feedback. This is a collaboration to get you to your personal goals!  

This program will help you crack the ceiling of what is holding you back both physically and emotionally. You will gain confidence and a whole new outlook on your life goals.

Membership fee:  

Initial Enrollment, and Membership Enrollment (one time fee): $125  

and your first month: $99 per month  

Total initial payment: $224.  

Each consecutive payment is only $99 per month  

**All monthly payments recur automatically** but you can cancel with 14 business days notice.  


Transformations are our specialty! 

We will help you achieve a toned, lean physique with lines and definition. This look features slightly rounded shoulders, sculptured legs and six-pack abs! 

Training is a minimum of 3-5 days in the gym and the nutrition is very open with an emphasis on portions and clean eating.  

A Savage client works on the goal of a toned lean healthy physique with beautiful lines and definition. This look features rounded shoulders, sculptured legs and six pack abs! Training varies from 3-5 days in the gym.  

Once you enroll, we will discuss what type of goal you are working toward such as Physique Transformation, Competitions, Photo Shoot or General Lifestyle.  


This program is by application only and for women who take their transformation and work/life/wellness transition seriously. Your accountability is done through phone and ZOOM calls with an optional “in person” VIP day included. Women who work one on one with Cathy have excelled in areas of leaderships, career, branding, wellness and most of all balancing the role of “Motherhood and Career Woman”. This is the true test of customization and accountability.

Apply here to set up a call to discuss the goal you would like to work on:  

Mind and Body Savage Sisterhood Program

Feel your best, look your best and gain confidence in our newest program.  

Transform your body and mindset through our amazing workouts and nutrition tips.  

This program will help you crack the ceiling of what is holding you back both physically and emotionally. You will gain confidence and a whole new outlook on your life goals.  

What you receive:  

Body Work: You will receive amazing Savage signature workouts that are world famous with results like no other. Each month, you will receive a new workout geared toward your goals!  

Nutrition Guidance: Each month Cathy will send you a monthly video on nutrition tips for the month! Something she has been doing for over 30 years. You will download a monthy meal guide with easy to follow ways to help build your own menu.  

Join now: $49 a month  

Are you ready to join us? 



Hi! I'm Cathy Savage. 

For 3 decades I have coached women, helping them to:

  • lose up to 100 lbs,  
  • rock magazine covers, 
  • win a world title,  
  • prepare for their wedding,  
  • win a marathon, 
  • or any goal they set their mind to!

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