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Our enhanced flagship online program is not only the most cost-effective system in the industry, but also the most successful

Savage Fitness is a 100% natural organic based program. When you conduct your weekly check-in for accountability, we will further customize your program based on your weekly results and feedback. This is a collaboration to get you to your personal goals!  

What does the membership include? 

For our online programs, you will receive all of these exciting features!  

Nutrition and training signature protocol designed to prepare you for your transformation, competition, or maintenance. 

•A private email address where you have unlimited access to Cathy and her team. 

•A private web site for Savage members only, which contains video glossary, workouts, articles, education, check-ins, and customization.

  •Online Access to Cathy where you can ask her anything!  

Facebook LIVE CHATS weekly which include special segments for training and nutrition education, a weekly MindSet Masterclass, and a Branding class- all designed where you interactively communicate with the coaches to have your “voice” heard. Our special online community gives you the opportunity to connect personally with Cathy and our elite coaches.  

For Competitors, all aspects of stage preparation from the #1 coaching staff in the industry: posing and presentation, suit selection, how to compete on a budget and more.  

For Transformation clients, we provide assistance with your presentation, interview and essay  

Fitness career management personally with Cathy 

Here's what you'll learn...

Savage Nutrition

As “Mama Savage”, “health first” is my mantra. We are proud of our “Holy Whole Food policy”. We also recognize that life is about celebrations and we help you navigate through the times when you want a treat that may not be considered “the best choice”.  

Once you have adapted our version of what a healthy lifestyle is all about, you will be equipped with the tools to recognize what foods work best for you. 

You will learn that ONE MEAL does not have the power to throw you off track. Our realistic approach of NEVER ELIMINATING FOOD GROUPS is why our clients look amazing all year long.  

Natural Supplementation: We don't believe in over-supplementation, Rather, we recommend the use of natural supplements that fulfill the deficiencies we all have in our bodies from a lack of nutrients in our world’s soils. We recommend efficiency as well provided it comes from the highest standard of quality.  

Isagenix has fit perfectly into the Savage protocol and has led us to exceptional results. I can truly say that my clients who use Isagenix, are much happier in their journey. They see results with greater ease, their cravings are diminished and best of all, they never feel deprived. Our competitors are able to use the products right up to the stage and post show issues are nearly non-existent. We have taken the Isagenix products one step further with developing our own Savage protocol, for our transformation clients as well as competitors. The results can be seen by the beautiful athletes that grace my website and my clients who grace the best fitness magazines in the industry. 

I am looking forward to personally coaching you with the products. You will fall in love with them, just as I did. 

Invest in you!  

Online Membership fee:  

Initial Enrollment, and Membership Enrollment (one time fee): $125 and  

your first month: $99 per month  

Total initial payment: $224.  

Each consecutive payment is only $99 per month 

**All monthly payments recur automatically**

Cancel with a 5 business days notice. Cancellations are immediate and based on your bill date.  

All programs include the SAVAGE TOTAL PACKAGE

Nutrition, training, weekly check-ins, Facebook live coaching up to three times a week, online mindset class, and online branding class and coursework. 

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Savage Online Programs Available

Savage ONLINE Memberships:

Lifestyle and Transformation Membership​ 

Lifestyle transformations are our specialty! 

We will help you achieve a toned lean physique with lines and definition. This look features slightly rounded shoulders, sculptured legs and six-pack abs! 

Training is a minimum of 3-5 days in the gym and the nutrition is very open with an emphasis on portions and clean eating.  

Vegan/Vegetarian Membership​s are available.

Competition Prep 

BIKINI AND MODEL: The look of a bikini or fitness model is a toned lean physique with beautiful lines and definition. This look features slightly rounded shoulders, sculptured legs and six pack abs! Training is a minimum of 3-4 days in the gym and their nutrition is very open with an emphasis on portions and clean eating. Membership includes weekly mindset and brand coaching.  

Fitness: This is our groundbreaking one of a kind program that started it all! Fitness athletes are given a unique program that caters to the requirements that will give them the edge during the routine round. Performing a routine requires sheer strength, flexibility and endurance and this program helps prepare the fitness athlete for optimal performance.  

We will help with music selection, costume ideas and creating the total package, including nutrition and training that caters to the successful fitness athlete in any federation. Choreography can be done virtually or in person and is a separate fee.  

Fitness memberships are available. Choreography is available; click here to email.  

Figure: The physique of a figure athlete carries more muscle than a bikini model. Their training is more intense with a minimum of 5-6 days in the gym and their nutrition guidelines differ both on and off season. Clean eating and proper supplementation is essential. Membership includes weekly mindset and brand coaching.  

VIP All Inclusive Coaching with Cathy Savage Bodies, Business, Branding, Life Coaching  

There are limited spots available for all inclusive coaching with Cathy.  

This Results driven membership includes the following:  

weekly email checkin with Cathy personally for nutrition, training customization.  

monthly phone contact for mentorship of fitness adjustments, mindset personal accountability.  

Also includes customized business and brand awareness assistance if applicable.  

monthly VIP group zoom and mastermind  

monthly assignments vip access to events, camps photoshoots  

mentoring exclusively with Cathy  

Early bird rate: $399 per month  

with a ONE time initial enrollment fee of $125 and a first monthly rate of $399  

Total initial payment: $524  

Each consecutive payment is $399 per month  

*all monthly payment recur automatically.  

Current members: enrollment fee waived 

Are you ready to join us? 

For 3 decades I have coached women, helping them to:

  • lose up to 100 lbs,  
  • rock magazine covers, 
  • win a world title,  
  • prepare for their wedding,  
  • win a marathon, 
  • or any goal they set their mind to!