Are you age 40 and over? Do you experience the following… 

  • Fatigue  
  • Overall Weight gain  
  • Bloating and Puffiness  
  • Fogginess  
  • Low Energy  
  • Belly weight and other areas  
  • Feeling as if every food you eat makes you gain weight  
  • NO matter how much you work out, you don't see results  

As we age, our body changes and what used to work before, to stay in shape, doesn't work anymore! Many women think medication is the only answer or surrendering to the changes.  

While medication is necessary for many women, studies have found that an alternative lifestyle change can yield great results.  

I've been there and it will always be a work in progress! Nothing can prepare you for the mood swings, the lack of progress, and the new way your body feels! I have discovered, with the help of my own personal physician, that there are techniques involved to improve our “new time of our life” and it all starts with a new way of thinking!  

Going through Menopause was a roller coaster for me but I've learned so much from it, and now I want to help others get through each part of the process!!  

Whether you are feeling the impact of the upcoming “M” word, whether you are knee deep in the storm of it, or if you are already through the worst, but still feeling the impact, this program is for you.

Join the community that will tackle those symptoms associated with this time in your life!! This Makeover is the first of its KIND and YOU can be a part of it!  


Round 1 starts September 17th and is a 60 day interactive program where you know exactly what to work on each day!!!  

In this community, we will cover the following: 

  • Understand what is going on in our bodies and recognize the changes!  
  • Create a realistic goal to achieve for 60 days that will carry over to lifetime habits.
  • Learn how mindset can navigate many situations and combat daily breakdowns and plateaus.  
  • Learn how food choices can lead to many healthy changes. You will be surprised at the choices you can have! We will cover the guide to eating anti-inflammatory foods that can change your bloodwork results . 
  • Learn if gluten free, or gluten moderation is for you?  
  • Learn how to be successful at Time Management- this is often a stressor that can be changed with a few tweaks to your schedule!  
  • Learn how to grocery shop for success. 
  • Master the art of optimal training which doesn't require a ton of time and can often be done at home.
  • Understand the power of daily visualization that will take you 5 minutes each day and set you up for a beautiful morning. Mindset programming is a huge part of this!  
  • Learn how to get your family onboard with you for moral support.  
  • Implement Cathy’s Walking strategies that can change your life!  
  • Learn from guest healthcare professionals about the latest news, education and tactics to be a healthier you!  
  • Walk away with a specific program we develop together, that help you for LIFE!!  

What do I need from you?

I need a commitment that you will take this program seriously! 


Studies show a higher success rate when programs like this, are completed in a community environment but your personal questions and concerns will always be addressed!  

What you will be experiencing and receiving :

  • You will be eating in a different way. This is NOT A DIET. Rather, you will have specific foods to choose from, that will work FOR you.  
  • You will be visualizing for 5 minutes a day and receive a new daily affirmation each day. This will take less that 7 minutes.  
  • You will be sweating a little each day but it doesn't have to be at a gym…Most of the activities can be completed at home as body weight, bands and small weights are all you need.  
  • You will be tracking your sleep as REST is so important for women in our age group! 
  • You will be assessing your career and the time and stressors that it gives you. We will be embarking on specific strategies for you to overcome the negative vibrations, if any.
  • We will be masterminding our challenges and successes to help other women conquer this “age crisis” that so many of us experience! 
  • You will be educated by many guest healthcare professionals who will be speaking online in our community!  
  • You will be able to tell your physician about this program and let them know how they can help support you! 
  • Secrets will be revealed to you that LIFE is just beginning for you and this can be the best time of your life!  
  • You will be a part of a community determined to change their lifestyle to be the role models for our age group!  
  • Communication will be via zoom trainings, accountability partnerships, LIVE chats with Cathy and guests, emails and assigned check-in milestone times.  
  • Private before picture with date stamp (private to Cathy) and after pictures (private). We will NOT show any images without your approval.  

SPACE is EXTREMELY LIMITED for our 1st class!

We will be customizing so many things for our members that we can't have a cast of THOUSANDS.. We want an intimate group!!  

One time early bird price of only $297!

This type of program is typically worth over $1000 but for this time only, you can lock in to this incredible value!  

Meet Cathy Savage.

Cathy is an internationally recognized fitness and business entrepreneur located in Boston, MA. She has been featured on ABC News, MTV, Fox News and she is currently a member of the prestigious Advisory board and contributor for Oxygen Magazine and Strong Magazine.